Generational differences in ethnic identity, perceived discrimination, and life satisfaction in Porongo


  • María Andrea Chajtur Zabala
  • Renzo Gismondi Diaz


Palabras clave:

Ethnic identity, percived discrimination, life satisfaction


Existing research across a variety of ethnic groups have explored the interplay of perceived discrimination with ethnic identity and life satisfaction. Therefore, the current aim of the study is to examine and compare the hypothesized relationship between these variables among the residents of Porongo, Bolivia. Spanish translations of the corresponding scales have been applied on 20 participants. Contrary to expectations, the results did not yield any statistically significant differences between younger adults and older adults. However, older adults scored higher across all the variables in comparison to their younger counterparts. Furthermore, a positive relation between life satisfaction with discrimination and ethnic identity was found. This finding serves as complementary information to other studies with differing results, giving an insight of the underexplored reality of Porongo. Further studies are required to explore the motives behind these results.

Biografía del autor/a

María Andrea Chajtur Zabala

Estudiante de Pregrado de psicología, Universidad Privada de Santa Cruz de la Sierra

Renzo Gismondi Diaz

Lic. Universidad Privada de Santa Cruz de la Sierra